The final leg of the ROTAX MAX challenge recently at the Swakopmund Go-Kart track served up some great action and tightly contests.

The National final saw 29 drivers participating in six different categories that comprised the Bambino’s, Junior Max, Senior Maxterino, DD2 and DD2 masters.

The organiser of the ROTAX MAX national challenge Jörg Goldbeck said there is a lot of potential among the youth in the sport. “There are definitely some famous rally drivers rising amongst the upcoming go kart racers.”

Eight Namibian drivers with their Karts recently participated in different categories at the ROTAX MAX South African Open challenge. “This was a great event and good opportunity for the Namibian racers. We may have gotten a beating from South Africa, but we also learned a lot. The improvements we experienced on lap times were amazing. We are going again next year, so we will fight from the back and see what happens.” In addition to receiving trophies, all the respective champions received free tickets to the African Open next year as well as a set of new tyres,” Goldbeck said.

There is a Kart Store race scheduled for December in Swakopmund, with international competitors invited.

“We have seven Angolan drivers, as well as entrants from South Africa who are ready to compete, but they are all unsure about what is going to happen next in terms of our borders. Everything is in place, but now we need to wait and see. We are happy with the level of racing and are trying to improve every year. We are doing very well in terms of lap times, speed, and discipline and driving skills.”

Goldbeck said that they would like to grow the sport. “We want to start at an early age and thus develop the sport.”

“We hope to keep the guys in karting, but some will branch out to drag or circuit racing or rally. Motorsport has a lot of potential, but it needs some structure. The long-term aim is definitely to get our guys to the world finals.”

Championship winners each received a ticket to participate in the ROTAX MAX South African Open challenge in June 2022.

The championship winners their different categories are:
Bambino – Cecil Koorts
Maxterino – Heinrich Roos
Junior Max – Justus Beulker
Senior Max – Chazlo Mara
Dd2 – Richie Slamet
DD2 Masters – Paul Oosthuizen