Ultra-modern karting from Rotax – 3D printed nicasil cylinder, electronic power valve, digital ignition and the patented direct drive coupled with four-disc braking system provides stunning lap times without breaking the bank. Electric start and auto clutch are standard for safe and easy starting or recovery from spinning out.

Fastest Karts On Show

Be part of the fastest karting category in Namibia.

Grand Prizes

African Open Ticket for class winner.

Class Details


Open to all drivers from the year of their 15th birthday. These hi-tech water-cooled Rotax engines provides long life and parity of performance. The top ROTAX DD2 driver will be invited to compete at the RTX African Open.

  • Age: 15+ Years

  • Race class: national / international

  • Tyres: Vega XH3

  • Minimum Weight (Kart + Driver): 174 kg

Power Unit

DD2 Evo

  • Maximum Power: 25 kW / 34 hp at 12,000 rpm

  • Displacement: 125cc

  • Weight: bare engine: 16.8 kg / 37.0 lbs with complete power pack: 28.8 kg / 63.5 lbs

  • Features: chainless drive system, 2-speed gearbox, operated by shift paddle from the steering wheel, cylinder with electronically controlled exhaust valve

  • Engine Pack: intake silencer, carburetor, fuel pump, engine, exhaust system, radiator, battery box incl. cover, cable harness, OFF/ON/START switch, relay

  • Chassis compatibility: wheel base 1040 mm